Our Loan Criteria

Hard Money and Bridge Lending Terms

PROPERTY TYPES All property types considered, including owner-occupied residential
LENDING AREA USA focused, but will consider all major cities nationally
LOAN SIZE From $10,000 to $5,000,000
LOAN TERM 12 to 36 months
AMORTIZATION Interest only
INTEREST RATE 5% – 11.99%
ORIGINATION FEE 1% – 4% of the loan amount
PREPAYMENT PENALTY No prepayment penalty, although typically a short interest guarantee
RECOURSE Typically, there will be recourse to Sponsors
EXPENSE DEPOSIT Adequate to cover third-party reports, legal fees, and customary expenses
CLOSING TIME Typically within 4 business days


Gainsday Financial Services is a direct private commercial lender servicing the real estate and other industries.
Gainsday Financial Services is committed to providing loan solutions for borrowers who need private financing.

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